CBD Oil Retailers Now Eligible for Cash Discount Programs

Rate Lock Zero: Now CBD Oil Friendly

The CBD industry rejoices as the 2018 Farm Bill that was overwhelmingly passed by the US Senate will soon become law. Per Forbes:

“For hemp growers and CBD-product manufacturers the big news is hemp will no longer be equated under drug laws with its psychotropic cousin, marijuana. Under the new laws, hemp would be managed by Department of Agriculture as a crop rather than by the Justice Department as an illegal substance.”

So what exactly does this mean? For one, credit card processing companies (like your favorite processor Auric) can now work with CBD Oil Retailers. Not only can CBD retailers now process credit cards, they can also take advantage of our Rate Lock Zero program, so they never have to know the pain of extra processing fees.

No longer do CBD oil retailers have to deal with:

  • Lengthy underwriting approval.

  • Sketchy offshore banks you can’t trust.

  • Funding that takes 2 weeks or longer.

  • The inability to process credit cards at all.

Auric Rate Lock Zero program you receive:

  • Same day approval.

  • Domestic banks that you know.

  • Next day funding.

  • Unlimited 0.00% credit card processing.

The new legislation will substantially boost the economic viability of the CBD oil industry. Don’t fall behind as others pass you by.