California Now Surcharge Friendly (Officially)


Business owners of the Golden State's $2.3 trillion economy can finally be relieved of rising credit card fees using Rate Lock Zero by Auric. Although government, utilities, and gas stations have been imposing surcharges on cardholders for years, independent business owners can finally do so without worrying about the ambiguity of its legality.

In January of 2018 the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals ruling held that California's statute prohibiting credit card surcharges (California Civil Code Section 1748.1) violated the First Amendment. The original surcharge restriction was first passed in California in 1985.  In March 2015 a Federal Court declared the law unconstitutional and prohibited the Office of the Attorney General from enforcing it. This caused confusion for patrons of regional chains like Hardee's/Carl's Junior and AARCO that have been charging $0.40- $1.00 for the convenience of using "plastic" as a method of payment for over a decade.

Auric provides platforms for retailers to replace the unpredictability of annoying credit card processing fees with a flat-dollar solution using our exclusive Rate Lock Zero program. Auric provides compatible hardware and software for popular EMV smart credit card terminals using iOS , Android, Clover POS, POYNT, Shopkeep, Aldelo, and Shopify platforms.  To find out more please contact an Auric New Account Advisor at or 855-679-7300.