Chase Checking Offering Rewards Points...But

“…customers must have at least $75,000 in deposits, or in investments, to qualify. Those investments must be kept at Chase and cannot be retirement investments. If customers meet those requirements, they will also get access to a new digital investment platform called YouInvest by JPMorgan, which gives commission-free stock and ETF trades with $0 account minimums.”

“The new account is piggybacking off the success of Chase’s credit cards, the Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred, the company said. We want to create similar value for a bank account under the Sapphire brand,” said Jennifer Piepszak, CEO of Chase Card Services.”

- Market Watch Published: Sept 15, 2018 12:22 p.m. ET

The average dollar value for points is approximately 2 cents with this program. The United States is shifting more and more to a cashless economy where credits cards a packed full of incentives such as “rewards points” that are redeemable for vacations and other perks. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost to businesses accepting credit cards in the form of higher transaction fees.

Business owners that are tired of surrendering 3%-4% of their gross revenue every month have discovered the benefits of Rate Lock Zero. Rate Lock Zero’s cash discount program rewards cash buyers and shifts the cost of paying for the pesky credit card transaction fees back to the card holder with little to no disruption in shopping habits.

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