AURIC Featured : CreditCards.Com - Guide to Indie Hotel Loyalty Programs

Enjoy the personal touch of boutique hotels but don’t want to miss out on rewards? Independent hotel loyalty programs can offer the best of both worlds – here’s how.

by Rebecca Lake,

“As you make your summer travel plans, one of the most important decisions to make is where to stay.

Booking with a large hotel chain might be tempting if you have a chance to earn rewards or free nights through the hotel’s loyalty program. But smaller independent hotels can also offer rewards and other incentives to woo summer travelers.

“Just like premium credit cards, boutique hotels can have exclusive perks,” says Chris Ligan, vice president of Auric, a credit card processing company. “Savvy travelers know that getting their rewards on credit cards doubles up when they get the creature comforts of boutique hotels.”

These tips can help you decide whether independent hotel loyalty programs are the right option for booking a summer vacay.”

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