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How nice could 0.00% fees on all

credit cards be?

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0.10% + $0.10 Above Wholesale

For the business that wants traditional rock-bottom pricing.

Unlimited 0% Credit Card Processing Fees

For the best flat-dollar experience our cash discount and hybrid programs provide flexible solutions for any sized business.


Ridiculously simple pricing.


We make transactions easy and affordable for everyone.

Why? Because it should be.

Something tells us that you have better things to do than to chase down explanations for all the little fees that add up to big charges from your credit card processor. 

What if you could save time, increase sales, and eliminate up to 90% of credit card processing fees?

Auric provides flat dollar pricing that is simple to understand and predictable in price.  Our clients are supported by Smart Terminals that eliminate all of the operational "blah blah blahs" that get in the way of increasing sales.

The times aren't changing. They've already changed.

Think ahead.

Think Auric.




We play well
with others.


Effortlessly connect our pricing program with your favorite platforms.

Don't see your favorite logo below? Give us a call. We are adding new partners all the time.


Flat dollar!


Why flat dollar pricing?

Traditional processors make money by charging mark-ups above interchange in a "pure percentage" model.

When a business pays a pure percentage as profit to their merchant services provider,  you essentially make your processor your business partner. As your sales increase, they collect their profits before you do.

Interchange rates are the "wholesale" fees set by the credit card companies themselves. Every card has a different rate associated with it and interchange rates vary from 0.05% to 3.99%. Interchange is charged on every transaction regardless of the sales volume of your business.


Stop obsessing over, "What's your best rate?" and choose flat-dollar.

Sell more. Save more.


Smart terminals that do your bidding.


Smart Terminals provide your business what you need to accept electronic payments: 

  • Major Credit Cards

  • Debit Cards

  • Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and the Apple Watch®

  • BitcoinCash (coming soon)

  • Gift Cards

  • Checks

All hardware is EMV-ready, reduces your liability for fraudulent transactions, and keeps compliant with payment-processing requirements.

Better yet, did we mention all of our hardware allows you to go green and keep better records?

Now you can email or text digital receipts, capture digital signatures, and search previous transactions in the cloud.

Save time, money, and trees!


Customize your POS.


You customize smart phones to streamline
your life and connect with others.

Why not do the same with your Smart Terminal? 

  •  Time Clocks and Shift Schedules
  •  Sale Trends by Time & Product Type
  •  Appointment / Reservation Tracking
  •  Automated Customer Marketing
  •  Multi-Location Inventory Compatible
  •  Monitor Real-Time Activity From Anywhere



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