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Flat Dollar Pricing From $99

Excludes local taxes and optional POS licenses.

Unlimited 0.00%
Credit Card Processing

Cash discount programs eliminate up to 80% of your transaction fees.


$0.10 per Transaction Over Cost

For the business that wants traditional rock-bottom pricing.


Cash discount rocks!


Why use a cash discount program?

Traditional processors make money by charging mark-ups above interchange in a "pure percentage" model.

When a business pays a pure percentage as profit to their merchant services provider,  you essentially make your processor your business partner. As your sales increase, they collect their profits before you do.

Interchange rates are the "wholesale" fees set by the credit card companies themselves. Every card has a different rate associated with it and interchange rates vary from 0.05% to 3.99%. Interchange is charged on every transaction regardless of the sales volume of your business.


Stop obsessing over, "What's your best rate?" and choose cash discount.

Sell more. Save more.


Smart terminals that do your bidding.



We play well
with others.


Effortlessly connect our pricing program with your favorite platforms.

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