Our Purpose


Payment technology so business can thrive. 

Independent businesses are the charm and soul of a neighborhood. Like the bakery operated by three generations of family or the entrepreneur that converted an engine garage into a vintage clothing boutique.
These two business owners have a genuine passion for what they do. You feel that passion in every waft of freshly baked bread or when you slip on that perfect-fitting leather jacket.
Following one's passion comes with a few challenges. “Big Box Retail” and rising operating costs can force a business owner to make decisions based on finance rather than what makes the best product. 
Auric is quietly disrupting how payments are transacted by moving our clients to flat dollar programs that eliminate as much as 90% of credit card processing fees. 


Auric SoHo

SoHo has a long history of inspiring New York’s creative communities. The neighborhood was home to abandoned manufacturing space in the 1970s before evolving into thriving artist studios and independent-owned stores. Today, the neighborhood's creative roots are still sprinkled between local and international retailers that call this neighborhood home. 


Auric Denver

Denver has emerged as one of the premier cities in the United States thanks to its burgeoning small business scene. No longer thought of only as a destination for skiers and snowboarders, we couldn’t think of a better location for Auric’s second office.